Rody FAQ's

How tall is the Rody?

Maixum inflated heigh of the saddle is 12 inches

What age is the Rody appropriate for?

The reccomended age is ages 2-4 years old.

How much weight will the Rody hold?

The Rody will hold up to 300 lbs.

Inflation Do I need a pump?

The Rody neds a hand pump to inflate it. An adapter comes with the Rody to use a bicycle pump.

Can I use a air hose/compressor to inflate the Rody?

The Rody should not be inflated with any continous flow air, such as an air compressor as it will distort the Rody.

My plug and/or pump adapter have been lost?

We sell replacement adapter/plugs on our website.

Rody Base -Do I need a base?

No you do not need a base to use the Rody. The base makes the Rody more stable and makes it into a rocking horse.

How do you intall a base?

The base is installed with the Rody deflated. Place the Rody feet in the base and inflate.

My Rody has been punctured, what can I do?

If for some reason you Rody gets punctured (i.e. your dog bites a hole in the ear), you can try a small bicycle tube repair kit. or a vinyl repair kit from you local hardwaare store. Super Glue will work on very small holes